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Lend Your Support To 'Perfect Human Diet' Film

Independent filmmaker C.J. Hunt is "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet"

Okay, low-carbers, are you ready to lend your support to something worthwhile that could very well impact the health of litterally hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of people? If so, then you need to learn more about a brand new documentary coming out from an ambitious independent movie producer named C.J. Hunt. The name of this film is "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" and it's everything that you've ever wanted to see in a movie about the health crisis we face not just in America, but around the globe!

"In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" is still in the process of being filmed right now, but this phenomenal project is going to attempt to come up with the ultimate solution to the biggest health threat of our generation--OBESITY! What a noble cause this is and I want to invite you to be a part of the process because livin' la vida low-carb will be a prominent part of that solution. More about how you can join the effort in a moment.

Interestingly, you'll be pleased to know there are many well-respected and legitimate experts interviewed in the film, including Marion Nestle from New York University, Dr. Michael R. Eades who wrote Protein Power, Dr. Barry Sears who authored The Zone Diet, Dr. Abby Bloch from the Atkins Foundation, Dr. Jay Wortman from the Canadian Inuit Diet Research, Dr. Steve Phinney who has done extensive work on low-carb diets and physical performance, Mrs. Veronica Atkins, Dr. Mary C. Vernon from the University of Kansas, Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University...and the list just goes on and on!

On a personal note, I am thrilled that Hunt asked me if I would share my low-carb weight loss success story on camera, so he will be filming me at the end of this month. What an exciting and humbling opportunity to be in this film with some of the true giants in the diet and health industry! We need more people to get engaged in sharing with the world about what "the perfect diet" is all about because obviously what is being recommended right now isn't working very well.

This remarkable film has an ambitious distribution plan in place, too--Hunt wants to show it on PBS stations all across America, release it to movie theaters before the end of the year, and then release it on DVD in 2008. This is a dream project for people who have been wanting the truth to be told in a compelling format like a documentary film, but there's only one thing keeping that from happening--MONEY!

As you can imagine, something of this magnitude doesn't just happen automatically. In addition to the tenacity to craft the message in a compelling format that interests the general public, it also requires a bit of sacrifice and faith in the overall mission of what is attempting to be accomplished.

Hunt has quite literally poured his heart and soul into making "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" the most professional and thorough film in support of examining what a healthy diet REALLY looks like. And I'll give you a ain't the low-fat, low-calorie, portion control diets we've been force-fed as a society for decades!

Watch this film demo to get a taste of what Hunt is doing and at the very least get on the mailing list for the DVD so you can own a copy of this monumental groundbreaking investigative documentary exposing what's keeping the population fat as soon as it is available.

Earlier in this post, I told you that you could lend your support to something worthwhile and join this effort--so here it is! Become a FILM ANGEL for "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet." What's that, you ask? Very simply, it's a way for you to sow a seed of confidence and appreciation into this film to insure it will be seen by those who need it the most and make the kind of lasting impression that Hunt and his team are expecting it to in our culture.

Whether you can give $1, $100, $1,000 or even a lot more than that, the message of this film is much too powerful and vitally important for those of us who are passionate about healthy living to sit on the sidelines and watch this opportunity just pass us by while obesity keeps getting worse and worse. We literally need to put our money where our mouth is and give generously to this noble project. The funds are sorely needed in the upcoming months to help offset the post-production costs such as film editing, distribution, and the PBS broadcast fees (you can't imagine the costs involved with putting this on public television!). Won't you consider donating something TODAY?

In fact, Hunt has put together a special incentive package for donations of $100 or more:

  • Your name will be in the credits on the film

  • A complimentary special edition DVD which includes an additional special features, a personal message from executive producer C.J. Hunt, and specially shipped directly to you in a limited edition commemorative case in late 2007

  • Your name will be credited on the official website

  • A FILM ANGELS commemorative DVD case

  • First notice of the film's theatrical premiere

  • An individualized FILM ANGEL "thank you" certificate

  • Click here to become a FILM ANGEL or send a check or money order to:

    c/o CJH3 Productions, LLC
    P.O. Box 460951
    San Francisco, CA 94146-0951

    Be sure to tell C.J. Hunt in the comments section or in your snail mail letter that you heard about "In Search of the Perfect Human Diet" from Jimmy Moore at the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. He's a big fan of the work I am doing with my various web sites and podcast show and greatly respects the readers and listeners who have faithfully supported what I am doing on a daily basis to spread the truth. Now he is asking for your help with his documentary.

    You've been looking for a way to show your support for livin' la vida low-carb in a way that can have a very real effect on the people around you and across the country. Well, here it is, folks! Please sign up to become a FILM ANGEL as soon as possible and let producer C.J. Hunt know you are behind his efforts to share the truth about diet and health. We've been needing something like this for decades and it looks like 2007 is our time! Let's make it happen people!

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    Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

    I got to hand it to you Jimmy, you are good, really good! Yours can do nothing but grow-just like it's doing. Radio, Print, TV, The Internet and Movies and Documenteries, you name it, you might not be a big star but a star you already are, and you might be a big star. It's a rare few that have been able to accomplish this much, and you have only just begun. I only wish you had the last 25% of what you have 75% of-I totally believe that you, like the film maker, will find the perfect diet as well as the why's and how's of how we got this far away away from the perfect diet. The "where" this imperfect diet has taken us, and the where and how we will take back the "Perfect Diet" is up for grabs. You got a big piece of this diet yourself, you are talking to the man who is "on" the perfect diet! 50 plus years in the making(I am 62). Right now this is day 120 only for me and only -30# but I genuinely "Do" have the Perfect Diet. It's meat and Wild Rice and low glycemic vegetables with eggs and nothing more except common seasonings, and with water only to drink. (I am toying with and trying to decide the on or off with dabs and bits of vinager, olive oil and butter) Just like all the other species. I have air and water and food and sunshine running through my vains and nothing more. This is the "Perfect Diet". Best to you and thank you, Tom (PS-I'm going to get on board and follow you, I will start by joining Grasshopper etc etc, hope you don't mind me tagging along.) Let me know if you ever do mind. I'm not trying to steal your thunder, I'm just trying to create a little thunder of my own. Thanks again, Tom

    3/02/2007 10:15 AM  
    Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

    THANKS so much for your support, Tom. It's been like a whirlwind for me at times, but I'm ready for it. For the first time in my life, I feel like good vibes are coming my way and I'm just trying to soak it all in while it lasts.

    Congratulations on your show on Grasshopper New Media. I am happy to share the "thunder" with anyone willing to spread the word about healthy living to the masses. That's something I've long called for here at my blog.

    Challenging the status quo in the diet and health industry is not a one-man job, so anyone and everyone who feels passionate about what they believe is right about "the perfect diet" should rise up and get engaged in this process.

    Whether it is donating money to this documentary, starting a blog, doing podcast shows, and more, we need to make our voices heard loud and proud so that people will hear the truth and be able to make an informed decision about what is best for the health of themselves and their family.

    Keep at it, Tom! Make us all proud!

    3/02/2007 10:34 AM  
    Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

    Hey Jimmy, I was going to tell you. I coined a new term or phrase a few days ago. You can use it anytime and anyway you choose, you can even coin it yourself, you can get it out there better than I can. The Coined word or phrase is "Modern Carbs" or "Modern Carbohydrates". These are the culprit carbs and they include both hybrid fruits and hybrid vegetables along with the obvious and even hybrid nuts. Cheers!

    3/02/2007 12:53 PM  
    Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

    I don't have enough money right now Jimmy or I would throw in with you guys for at least the $100 and more if I had it. My social security kicks in this May when I actually turn 62 I am a film-maker and documentary maker myself. I have a Mac coomputer it's about a $4,000 computer still under warranty until December of theis year. It's a Power Mac G5 Dually Water Cooled. It will need more memory and hard drive and it only has Final Cut Express insteaed of Final Cut Pro. He could use it if he ever comes around this part of the country or he could mail tapes to me and I could render them and mail them back to him. I'm trying music videos and documentaries both in my war against drugs which very much includes what we eat icluding both sugar and modern carbs. I'm going after marijuana and amphetamines and the rest of the drugs too, even caffeine. I only have a Canon Optura 50 for right now but it is a beginning. I have eBay stores that I am developing. Wish I could help, I will be able to before this year is finished. Hang in there. Tom

    3/03/2007 11:37 AM  
    Blogger Science4u1959 said...

    This is indeed great news Jimmy, and I will be on board and support this movie. Thanks for posting these details!

    BTW: I like those "modern carbs" from the Bunnell Farm! "old-fashioned" i.e. low-GI carbs are not that bad - modern, refined, high-impact carbs are. Good suggestion :)

    3/03/2007 11:53 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


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