Sunday, March 18, 2007

Snap Out Of Your Diet Dreamland, Thinderella

Dr. Dennis Gage says weight loss is more about living than dieting

THINDERELLA: Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the best diet of them all?
MIRROR: It's the one you can make your permanent lifestyle change.
THINDERALLA: No, seriously, which diet can it be?
MIRROR: Don't do a diet, live a diet. That's the path to success.
THINDERELLA: There's got to be more to it than that.

Are you a Thinderella thinking you can diet for a while and control your weight permanently? Hello?! It's time to snap out of your diet dreamland and wake up to the reality that lasting, effective weight loss can only come when you not only equip yourself with the right eating plan but also a strategy for taking control of your weight for the rest of your life.

This is precisely what internist Dr. Dennis Gage helps you do in his book entitled The Thinderella Syndrome. While there are thousands of weight loss books available from A to Z these days, Dr. Gage is one of the only ones who shows people how to get past that long-term barrier to lasting weight control with a clear and conciise step-by-step plan to do it.

In my recent interview with Dr. Gage at my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog, he mentioned the biggest health problem Americans face to today is "yo-yo dieting." It's all a matter of keeping the same kind of intense enthusiasm and motivation AFTER your weight loss has happened as you did DURING your weight loss experience.

This involves not just the physical changes in your diet and exercise, but also some specific behavioral changes that Dr. Gage discusses at great length in The Thinderella Syndrome. Additionally, there are some tangible and practical Dr. Gage teaches about making this lifestyle change stick, including the creation of a food record so you can see exactly what and how much you are eating. The truth about what you are eating will shock you!

What I can appreciate about Dr. Gage's book is that he is not just another self-righteous doctor spouting out what others need to be doing for their weight and health. He has LIVED the very principles he wants others to follow with great success. You gotta respect anyone who walks the walk while talking the talk. That's what you get from Dr. Dennis Gage.

Changing your bad behaviors can be a tricky thing to do, but Dr. Gage gives you the three R's to help you overcome them: Realization makes you face the facts about your current dietary habits; Regimentation forces you to inact ways to bring your diet under control; and the most important one is Reorientation which involves living a positive and lifelong healthy lifestyle that works for you.

In The Thinderella Syndrome, Dr. Gage says it is better to develop "defensive eating" techniques through the use of the "Red Alert" system he uses with his own patients. When your weight gets to a certain level, it's time to get serious about bringing the weight back down. If you allow yourself to go above this amount, then you are merely giving yourself permission to keep going up and up and up...the ruthless cycle continues on for millions upon millions of people.

In the battle against obesity, we need more people like Dr. Dennis Gage engaging the culture and sharing the vital importance of developing long-term, permanent, lifestyle choices that will help keep them happy and healthy for the rest of their days on Earth. This is THE message of the future as it relates to weight loss and health and I am personally glad to see books like The Thinderella Syndrome opening people's eyes to what it takes to control their weight forever. Isn't that what every overweight and obese person is desiring when they go on a "diet?"

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Blogger Kevin said...

The bad habit of yo-yo dieting stems not just from lazy human nature, but also from the ineffectiveness of the low-fat/low-cal diet advice of the last few decades, which have no demonstrable basis in science or biology. These diets only function by radically starving people of adequate nutrition. In desperation, the dieters quickly snap back into binge eating. Hence, they learn by experience that "diet" can only be an unnatural, self-punishing regimen to be endured briefly and then abandoned as quickly as possible.

Because of the ineffectiveness of these regimes, yo-yo habits have been directly taught and reinforced by mainstream medical advice. When we find a diet that is more satifying, nutritious and tasteful than not dieting, as well as highly effective (up to 10lb consistent loss per week), it becomes extremely easy to sustain such a "diet" for the very long-term, as dieters become naturally motivated by their own dramatic success. The only diet which demonstrably and consistently delivers such highly effective results is low-carb.

3/19/2007 4:00 PM  

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