Monday, May 21, 2007

Sara Ost Brilliantly Refutes Fat-Phobia

Fat is bad. Fat is so bad. Eating fat is so very, very, very bad for you.

Or so goes the song and dance that we've been led to believe for decades by the perpetrators of the low-fat lie. Fat-phobia in 2007 is in full force and groups like the American Heart Association are only adding gasoline to that raging fire with their absurd ad campaign against saturated fat.

Although all the latest scientific evidence has shown that a high-fat diet is only unhealthy in tandem with a high-carb diet, the prevailing line of reasoning is to blame the dietary fat rather than the dietary carbohydrate as the culprit in obesity and related diseases. Can't somebody get this message across in clear and concise language that expresses this point?

Ask and you shall receive!

The awesome and amazing Sara Ost from Mark's Daily Apple has written a brilliant column for CalorieLab called "The lipid-phobe’s guide to dietary fat: 11 ways fat can help you (and 4 ways it can’t hurt you)."

Written specifically for women who need to "lose the fear of fat," Sara talks about a recent conversation she had with her best friend over the role of dietary fat in a healthy diet. Going against the grain of modern thinking towards fat, Sara patiently explained how she used to be afraid of fat, too, until she educated herself about the detrimental role of excessive carbohydrate in her diet. More importantly, she talked about how she eats now that her fear of fat has finally fizzled.

"I began living on a deliciously greasy menu of green vegetables, salads and fish—greasy because these vittles were smothered in all the eggs, butter, cream, nuts, and cheese I could possibly want. After working out, I drank half-and-half from the carton. I soaked my veggies in walnut oil. I dunked figs in mascarpone and ate criminal amounts of avocados."

Mmm, that sounds so yummy (while I'm sure Dr. Dean Ornish is having a cardiac arrest somewhere thinking about all that fat Sara is stuffing in her mouth! LOL!) and is extremely healthy when she simultaneously removed the refined carbs from her diet. Not surprisingly, Sara said she "began to feel wonderful."

She lost weight, her acne cleared, she was buying new clothes, her body fat dropped dramatically, her personality improved, trips to the bathroom were normal again (EWW!), and so much more than she could have ever imagined eating this way!

"I was so revitalized and healthy, it created a happy ripple effect."

Sara's unbelievable health turnaround started rubbing off on her circle of friends who ended their fat-phobia and started watching their carbs, too. Same results as Sara. WOO HOO!

The bottom line, Sara says, is "women need fat."

"Fat is nutritious and essential. There are cultures that subsist on 40, 50 and 60 percent fat and enjoy slim figures and great health. The story you’ve been told—that fat gives you heart disease and makes you fat—is baloney. Low-fat baloney."

Oh, I love this girl! She's a fat-loving health freak who knows from whence she speaks. CLICK HERE to see Sara's list of what things fat does for you and doesn't do for you based on all the evidence and facts we know about it scientifically-speaking.

Sara Ost is a regular reader at my blog and I'm happy to know there are people like her in this world promoting the truth about diet and health. You keep tellin' it to 'em straight, girl! There's nothing more comforting than having facts on your side.

Say it with me now: Fat is good. Fat is so good. Eating fat is so very, very, very good for you! :D

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Blogger Sara said...

Check's in the mail, Jimmy! LOL! ;) Thanks so much for pointing everyone to my story. Trust me, if a former strict vegetarian carboholic can do it, anyone can! :)

5/22/2007 9:21 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

But... But she says in her essay, "This isn't Atkins (I'm all about the greens)..." ATKINS ALLOWS VEGGIES, people. Sheesh! :) Sorry, I just get tired of hearing that particular misconception bandied about when a quick flip through the pages of NDR would tell a person otherwise. In the time I was doing Atkins three years ago I ate more vegetables than I EVER do normally.

5/23/2007 6:19 AM  

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