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'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show' Episode 69: A Public Challenge To End The Nastiness Over The Kimkins Diet

I devoted Episode 69 of "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore" to get everything out in the open about Kimkins. LISTEN NOW:

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What's your take on all of this Kimkins controversy? Share your comments about Kimkins.

Be sure to check out Thursday's historic podcast show because I will feature my exclusive interview with Kimmer herself for the first time ever. It will feature many of the exact questions that were submitted to me over the past week or so by my readers and listeners about Kimmer and Kimkins.

7-16-07 UPDATE: Kate Welch from "The Steaks Are High" blog chimes in with an unbiased report on this Kimkins debate that is worthy reading for everyone involved. THANK YOU, Kate, for sharing your perspective.

7-16-07 UPDATE: Now add Morgan Macleoid from the "Good Carbma" blog to the list of reasoned responses to this Kimkins controversy. Excellent point, Morgan, many of which I have no qualms with whatsoever. All I can say is listen to my podcast interview later this week.

7-16-07 UPDATE: Even more evidence that the other side of this issue has come completely unglued from all sense of reasonable thought is the creation of this new blog set to "expose" Kimkins as an anorexic diet. Sigh. See, this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about that is unproductive in the low-carb community. :(

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Blogger Morgan MacLeoid said...

Jimmy Moore said -
"They have done everything they can to paint Kimkins founder Kimmer as a lying, deceptive fraud simply because she has been successful at marketing her low-carb service to the public."

Now, c'mon, Jimmy, you know that's not true. You also know I'm a huge fan of yours!

People are concerned about many things in regards to Kimkins and some of those concerns ARE valid and need to be addressed.

If a person says "Hey, look at me! I did this and was so successful! Pay me $60 and I'll show you how to do it too!" that person should be able to prove their claims.

Encouraging the use (abuse?) of laxatives (daily and even more than once a day!), encouraging people to eat LESS than 500 calories a day despite the voluminous medical information available on the dangers of vLCD diets and other questionable advice she has personally given out to others has caused people to become worried and concerned. Rightly so.

Accountability is important, in any forum. Kimmer, whoever she is or isn't, is not a doctor - she cannot say that Kimkins is perfect for "ALL diabetics" as she does on her website and not be held accountable for that.

The danger is not the PLAN as originally written. The danger is the woman behind it, encouraging some very drastic and ultimately dangerous eating habits.

You always say you promote HEALTHY weight loss. These questions are incredibly important and cannot be dismissed as "jealousy" or "kimmer hating".

I don't care if you do Kimkins, you're smart, you've altered the plan for yourself, you know what to look out for and what works for you. Not everyone does though.

I've used K/E myself for short bursts here and there - but only for 3-5 days, as I know it is not healthy to eat that way long term.

I'm not a Kimmer-hater, I'm not a Jimmy-hater.. I'm just concerned that there are some important issues regarding this Kimkins mess that really need to be cleared up.

Not everyone who questions Kimmer's advice and plans is a "hater".

However, IF there are fake pictures on her website, dangerous medical advice and questionable claims - then this is a serious issue.

Not bickering, not fighting - but thinking clearly.

7/16/2007 10:43 AM  
Blogger mrfritznyc said...

at first I thought this broohahaaa was much ado about nothing, but the onion layers kept peeling back, revealing what can only be described as fraudulent, deceptive behavior by Kim/whoever she is.

there will be nothing more to debate when:

-she demonstrates, via pictures, or video, or whatever, that she really is the person in those after pics.
-she proves that the extremely low calorie diets that she promotes are safe.
-she demonstrates that the before and after success story pics she has posted on her site are not fraudulent (ie, not the models and stock photos they strongly resemble...)

as far as I know, WW, Jenny Craig, etc. don't publish false pics... and their spokespersons appear in public, quite frequently...

imagine if Dr. Atkins had refused to be photographed or interviewed in person, where would his diet be now?

7/16/2007 12:03 PM  
Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

One thing for sure here is that this whole thing is orchestrated!

7/16/2007 1:45 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

I agree there are real questions, Morgan, which is why I'm doing my interview with her on Thursday. That's not gonna satisfy everyone, I realize, but it will allow us to hear directly from the horse's mouth about these very difficult questions people have about Kimmer and Kimkins.

THANK YOU for your support for the greater mission of low-carb and not getting sucked into this deep morass of hideous personal destruction that is happening on the forums.

7/16/2007 2:02 PM  
Blogger Skip said...

I have not ever posted on a blog, but feel compelled to speak up here. As I stated in my email to you, I have seriously been considering Kimkins, and in fact started my own version of this diet this weekend. I will not however pay to subscribe to the Kimkins web site due to original posts, made by Kimmer herself at Low Carb Friends, which encourage people to fast, restrict calories, take laxatives, and do whatever else might be necessary in order to lose weight. As a recovering anorexic, I shuddered at both the advice, and the belittling tone of Kimmer's answers to people who were desperate to lose weight. I do not disagree with the idea behind the diet; I disagree with and FEAR the personal advice and support that is being dished out at this site. In many posts she claims that feeling SNATT (Semi Nautilus All The Time) is an indication that you are doing Kimkins "right." I am sure you are educated enough to following Kimmer's lead to the point of being SNATT. But are others? When I was 22 years old, and 30 lbs. over weight, I never thought to myself "oh, I think I will become anorexic." I fell into a group of people who I met at the gym, who "guided" me through quick weight loss. Their idea of "helping" was to encourage laxatives, to accuse me of eating more than I did, and in general, adding to my already diminished self esteem. Three years later, I was so obsessed with losing weight, that I could not even get out of bed, and spend four months in an in-patient rehab. facility. So, while I dissagree with people searching out Kimmer's personal information and making it public, and feel such attacks are childish and un-called for, I do agree that Kimmer should be stopped.

Thank you,
Skip Dolittle

7/16/2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger Sparky's Girl said...

I understand all the concern about the laxatives, water fasting, etc. It's clear this is bad advice. Anyone who knows the whole LCF story knows that she has not posted on LCF for quite a while. I can't say if she's still handing out this advice or not. I hope not.. but who knows.

What I have issues with is the way that people like me, who are using a Kimkins plan, are being treated. If you don't like her advice.. take it up with HER! I'm not her, I don't advocate everything she does, and I don't appreciate the treatment I'm getting just because I happen to think her plan is a viable one, or because I follow her plan myself.

MOST of the folks on the Kimkins board are following the plan, with maybe a tweak here and there, such as Jimmy does, and doing great.

The plan and her unhealthy advice are not the same.

7/16/2007 4:23 PM  
Blogger wdurden said...


I respect what you have done for so many people. I am happy for your recent 30 in 30 results using your modified Kimkins approach. I do not doubt that a low carb/low calorie approach is a fast weight loss method. However, I think there is a bigger picture here regarding whether the proponent of the method is who she is claimed to be or whether this is a fraudulent claimant. One strong indication I have seen is that Kimmer is perhaps Heidi Diaz as suggested in the link at:

I try to remain a balanced reasoned person, but I have serious concerns. If you get an affiliate fee for the promotion of her site, I fear you may well suffer a backlash if it spins out to be a fraud. The site poster's wife had a business relationship with "kimmer" setting up the site itself supposedly, so it looks like it is worth further investigation...

How would you stand if the method works but the proponent is merely a charismatic fiction writer and didn't lose the weight claimed by the method?

7/18/2007 10:59 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS for sharing your comments, WDurden! And I appreciate where you are coming from.

For some reason, there is a concerted effort to seek out and destroy anyone and everyone associated even remotely with Kimmer and the Kimkins diet. This is perplexing since the diet has been out there for over five years and the new web site for well over a year.

Nevertheless, I understand there are concerns that people have which is why I set up an interview with Kimmer herself for my podcast show this week. Listen to the interview when it airs on Thursday at She was quite candid about many of the questions at hand.

Regarding the impact of this on me, I don't see what Jimmy Moore has to do with this. Kimkins is a diet that I have personally been on and know literally hundreds of others who are on it as well with GREAT success.

My "relationship" is purely a business one with Kimmer and nothing else. Although people have their questions about her which are legitimate, it doesn't change the fact that real people are changing their lives for the better with this diet. That's my only dog in this hunt.

THANK YOU again for sharing your comments and concerns. I'll let others pontificate and complain about Kimmer while I keep losing weight and helping others do the same. That's what I'm about. :)

7/18/2007 12:34 PM  

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