Thursday, December 13, 2007

My New dLife Column Questions Why Low-Fat Diets Aren't So Healthy

Starting my very own health and weight loss blog in April 2005 was simply a hobby where I could have an outlet for sharing about my experiences livin' la vida low-carb and all that comes with that. Of course, it grew into something a whole lot more than that in very short order and I am grateful for the platform I have been given to reach thousands of people on a daily basis with the positive message I share here.

Of course, I've expanded the reach of this blog into other areas with my book, my podcast show, my discussion forum, my YouTube videos, and syndication of my columns on a whole host of other web sites across the Internet. I enjoy entering into new areas where people have never heard of me and my writings because it's like starting over on day one here at my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog again. Newbies are always amazed by what they read in my columns.

One of the best opportunities I have been given to expand the reach of my low-carb message is at the popular diabetes and health web site called dLife. In October 2007, they brought me on as a contributing writer for their Food & Nutrition division to write specifically about the benefits of carbohydrate control. I blogged about this and shared a link to my very first column with them called "Research Round-Up: The Case For Low-Carb."

Since this is more of a professional health and information web site than my blog is (which tends to lean on the news and commentary side of things), the style is a bit more stuffy than I would personally prefer. But getting these kind of columns out into the mainstream on a site like dLife is important for people to understand there are dissenting voices that are backed up by the scientific data. And all of the studies cited in my columns at dLife will be listed clearly.

Such is the case with my latest article that was published today entitled "Healthy, Low-Fat Diet? Maybe Not" and it's not very flattering to the low-fat diet. All I did was simply take what has been published in some of the major medical journals this year and put it all in one place for people to see for themselves why livin' la vida low-fat ain't all that!

Here are some blog posts I have written about these studies this year if you'd like to see my personal thoughts and commentary about each one:

- Study: High-Carb Consumption Leads To Lower HDL, Higher Triglyceride Levels
- Study: High-Carb, Low-Fat Diet Ineffective For People With High Insulin Levels
- High-Carb Diet Raises Insulin Levels Which Spikes Blood Pressure, Research Reveals
- Study: High-Carb Diet Leads To Advanced Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Possible Blindness

They just put a brief bio of me up on dLife today and now I've got two column under my belt. I'm contracted for at least one more and hopefully more if they continue to like the content I am providing. Be sure to go read my latest column and tell others you know about my dLife articles. Long live the low-carb lifestyle! :D

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