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FDA: The Low-Carb Diet Is 'Sheer Nonsense'

The FDA is overstepping its authority on what a healthy diet is

It's time to state the obvious--The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is chock full of a bunch of blithering idiots! There, I said it. And now that I have, I really don't feel a bit of remorse about making such a bold statement after learning about something they recently did to a low-carb company I'm gonna share with you today.

I suppose for background purposes, you might want to read the "How To Lose And Manage Weight" page at the FDA web site to understand their philosophy about diet and health. Of course, it is based on the archaic and failed ideals of the low-fat, low-calorie, portion control diet in combination with regular exercise.

Hey geniuses at the FDA! If those work so well, then why do we still have a bunch of fat people running around our country? Isn't that the same message we've heard for most of the past three decades and yet obesity and health problems are at an all-time high? Sounds like we need to change the game plan just a wee bit, don't ya think?

And if those diets don't work for you, then certainly you can always take a risky diet drug like orlistat or even get your insides cut open for LAP-BAND surgery. Is the FDA serious about that? You bet they are...go check out the site for yourself and you'll see these listed among the options for people dealing with a weight problem (what about livin' la vida low-carb? NOPE!).

Sheez! Is it any wonder why obesity has skyrocketed so much in America? With a government agency like the FDA going around spouting off all this nutritional nonsense about a low-fat, low-calorie diet, it's enough to make you physically sick to your stomach to even think about. But, unfortunately, they have a lot of power over diet and health policy in the United States and they have made it abundantly known to a low-carb company what they think about their product.

The identity of this company will remain anonymous in this post for obvious reasons, but you would recognize it if I told you. The FDA confiscated this company's products during a recent shipment and sent it to their lab for testing as well as examining the nutritional label with a fine-toothed comb. The result was a heavy-handed reprimand about the how unhealthy the product was because of "all that fat" which they claim would make it impossible for people to lose weight.

Come on, FDA! It's not the fat in foods that makes you fat, it's the SUGAR and other refined carbohydrates that are the root cause of obesity. Haven't you learned ANYTHING from the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins about the dangers of excessive carbs on weight and health? That's one thing the Atkins diet has done for our culture is educate our society about overconsuming carbs and demonstrating that it has consequences.

But don't tell that to the FDA, though!

Regarding claims that sugar spikes your insulin levels which then leads to obesity, the FDA said to this low-carb company that claim is simply "not proven" and that the low-carb diet for all intents and purposes amounts to "sheer nonsense." In other words, our good old FDA thinks sugar is just as healthy as it can be for people to consume with no consequences to their health. Puh-leez! People who are livin' la vida low-carb know better and the FDA should be ashamed of themselves for pretending sugar has no connection to obesity.

As for this "sheer nonsense" bull-funky, all I have to say is this way of eating absolutely saved my life, FDA! You and all your ivory tower minions in Washington, DC oughta try living out in the real world for a change with people like me who used to weigh over 400 pounds and was able to attain great weight loss and weight maintenance success because of that "sheer nonsense" diet you seethe over.

Get with the times, FDA! All the latest research is pointing to livin' la vida low-carb as EQUAL to low-fat! It really makes you stop and wonder if ANYONE at the FDA has ever lost weight! Me thinks they're just a bunch of clueless mind-numbed robots who couldn't help an obese person lose weight if they tried.

Come live in my world for just two seconds, FDA! You wouldn't survive!

When the FDA can threaten an innocent low-carb company like this one just because they disagree with what solid nutritional science is showing, it's time for the citizens to demand better from their government. We don't need to have the FDA hold our hand about the fat content of the foods we eat.

If they truly cared about our health, then they would sound the alarm against the excessive sugar and high-fructose corn syrup that is in EVERYTHING we eat these days. Now there's the real danger to weight and health the FDA can jump on.

Do you see what we are up against in this battle for the hearts and minds of overweight and obese people. The FDA is slamming the door in our face about livin' la vida low-carb while doing all it can to protect the interests of the low-fat proponents and their buddies in the sugar and corn industries. Where's the objectivity, FDA?! How about looking out for the average American citizen's best interest for a change?

Big brother is watching and he ain't on OUR side.

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Blogger Bradley said...

I for one could care less what the FDA has to say about anything.

Google "FDA Vioxx scandal" and you can read first hand how concerned the FDA is with the health risk of drugs when dealing with the American public. So it's no wonder they recommend orlistat as a weight loss alternative.

P.S. Can I join META? :)


4/16/2007 12:11 AM  
Blogger Science4u1959 said...

Big brother is watching and he ain't on OUR side.

And this is precisely what I've been afraid of for years. It's getting worse, too, as your post so clearly demonstrates. Government, in it's many incarnations and manifestations is not interested what-so-ever in our health and simply cannot be trusted anymore.

Part of the problem, of course, is the fact that the FDA and Gov't in general is advised by those same mindless numbskulls that portray themselves as health "experts" these days. These people are completely out of touch with reality and current nutritional science.

The only thing we can do about that is keep educating the public. At least we can save some lives that way. Gov't won't help them, or us. They are useless - as always. l’histoire se répète: history repeats itself. Maybe America needs some kind of "new government" in this respect. After all, this situation is exactly what the founding fathers warned against; and this mess is not limited to our health!

4/16/2007 12:17 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Absolutely you can join META, Bradley! For the rest of you who may not know what in the world he's referring to, read all about it in this post.

4/16/2007 6:23 AM  
Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

Everybody is lost and misguided Jimmy, the FDA included. You remember how adament the Big Tabacco Presidents were during the Tobacco hearings. They genuinly believed they were being wrongfully attacked. These are not bad people, these are people doing bad things and not knowing it.

We are breaking new ground here and science and phychology haven't caught up to us yet.

We are just now unraveling this puzzel ourselves. Everybody will be where we are eventually but for now most think that we are fanatical.

It's so big it defies description and nobody can understand it.


4/16/2007 8:00 AM  
Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

In the same breath here Jimmy, these PETA people and the Vegan people are all genuinely trying to stop all this madness and killing and war mongering our world is experiencing. They believe that meat and the raising and killing of meat is the core cause of all this insanity. They get venomous at anybody who opposes there belief. No differently than the Christians often do against non-believers or the same with Republicans and Democrats and Leftists and Rightists and Conservatives and Liberals and vise er versa on all four of these. We are all genuinely trying to cure the ills of this world. The enormity of the situation is evident. The cause and the cure are the unknowns. The certainty to many of us that the Industrialization and Capitalization factors and World Dominance are
three major contributors to all of this. I personally believe, heart,
body and soul that drugs, sugar/carbohydrates/alcohol along with marijuana and methamphetamine and caffeine have spurred all this insanity.

4/16/2007 10:39 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

This is the most disturbing thing I've heard so far. As Regina Wilshire describes this issue, they are really seeking to make any non-FDA advice an arrestable offense! Which means they would shut down your blog, Jimmy, or worse, if they get a law passed.

Hopefully there will be enough of an outcry from the huge alternative medical community in this supposedly free county to put a stop to this "sheer nonsense". Otherwise, our only real defense must come from the research community. Maybe this is the last desperate gasp of the doomed low-fat scientific generation, before they fall to increasing research from the LC reserchers. Gary Taubes and Jeff Volek still have serious revelations to make in 2007. But meanwhile, this is still a serious theat to free speech and scienctific inquiry.

I support META, but it needs to include women. We really should get together with the HPBA for the sit-ins! We need to start building smart coalitions with these powerful marketing groups who are like-minded. This fight is on, the challenge is getting serious, and we need to start using serious methods in response.

4/16/2007 12:37 PM  
Blogger Science4u1959 said...

Of course, Kevin, this IS the last gasp of the doomed low-fat worshipers. But if you look at the whole picture, a far more disturbing and dangerous trend is visible, in my opinion. A trend that requires immediate action.

When one lets all the news sink in, and you think about it, I cannot help but reflect on the last days of the Roman Empire. What ultimately destroyed that mighty nation? The enemy within. Bureaucracy and stupidity is what killed that Empire. The pencilnecks, politicians and other liars killed it.

With the FDA working towards "legalized" suppression of any and all "dissidents", the ADA and AHA ignoring any and all real science and touting their dietary delusions as the Gospel Truth, Big Pharma working hard (together with Gov't) to forbid vitamin supplements, and dietitians and nutritionists trained in outright LIES... I cannot wonder what would be a MORE effective strategy to destroy the health (and thus power, will and effectiveness) of a nation?

If one would want to create a nation of unhealthy, unfit, illness-ridden, depressed and tired people, they could hardly do a better job!

I do not consider myself a conspiracy buff, but it sure makes you wonder who (or what) would benefit from doing this...

4/17/2007 12:02 AM  

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